Friday, September 7, 2012

I have a week off, where should I go next?

Travel is relaxing and probably the best 2 or 3 weeks in your year.  However, figuring out where to go in those 2 or 3 weeks can be mind-numbing and stressful.  This is typically 2 to 3 months before you actually fly out.  Where do you even start?  Go to Google and type where should I go?  That won't work, trust us.

So how about a magazine like experience that brings you collages of destinations that are best suited to you?  And to further personalize this, how about showing you pictures from people you know and trust?  Don't you love seeing your friends' pictures on Facebook anyway?

We call this the "Dream" experience in Traverie!  When you log into Traverie, you can click on the "Dream" tab on the top that will take you directly to the dream experience.  We pick a different destination each time that is best suited to your taste!  And we figure a lot of this out based on your past travel behavior that you shared through your albums, checkins and status updates on Facebook!  To see more destinations simply flip to the next destination by clicking the - yes - "Next Destination" on the top right.  Don't worry you can always go back using the "Prev" button.

In the dream, mode you can see collages from different friends' travels to a destination.  For example, above I can see photos of Kyoto from my five different trips my friends took there.  You'll find that your friends travel quite differently and you'll discover amazing experiences through them.

If you come across a photo or destination that you really like, you can simply save it for the future!  You can hover your mouse over that photo and click "Add to {Destination} Bucket List".  Or you can click on the photo that will take you to a single photo view, where you can click "Want to go".  Once you have added a photo, you automatically create a "Bucket List" for that destination!

You can always access your created "Bucket Lists" from the drop down on the header as shown below.  So start dreaming and creating bucket lists for all these amazing destinations your friends have been to and you never knew about!

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