Thursday, September 6, 2012

I wonder where my friends have been ...

Ever wonder where your friends have traveled to? Or which of your friends have been to Barcelona or New Zealand? Or even better what if you could see what your friends' travel experiences were for those trips?

Traverie helps you with these questions and more. Our mission is to help you "Explore Travel Through Friends" in a way thats natural and fun. We don't want you to dig through Facebook to find this information or get a headache with search results and reviews you don't trust.

After you log into Traverie, the "Map" tab represents a view of the world through your and your friends' travels.  You can click on the buttons next to "YOU" and "YOUR FRIENDS" to select or unselect any of the options.  By default all options are selected.  (Note initially the orange "Want to go" and pink "Visiting" tabs won't do anything.  Only after you start creating "Bucket Lists" will they appear.)  We always get this question so I thought I'll clarify this - the strip of photos you see below are picked for you based on recency and relevancy - think of this as our initial version of a visual newsfeed!

The blue bubbles represents where your friends have been and live!  The size of the bubble indicates how many of your friends have been there or live there - the bigger the bubble the more popular the place. You'll probably find cities such as New York and London have large blue bubbles.  You can click on any of these blue bubbles to see which of your friends have been there and get a glimpse of their experience.  If any friends do live there, they'll show up as well (not shown in the example below)!

You can click into any of these pictures from your friend's travels to that destination, to bring up what we call the "Dream" destination view.  Here (see below) you can see all of your friends that have been there at the top.  The first friend in the strip is selected by default, and you see a beautiful collage of her travel experiences.  We try and highlight the photos we think are best for you here!  Such as the shark diving pictures from my friend Joshua below!  And of course you can click into any of those photos.

This is just one of many ways to dream and discover on Traverie.  Try this out today at for South Africa or any of the destinations that your friends have been to! 

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