Thursday, August 30, 2012

What is Traverie and why is it spelled like that?

So what really is Traverie? Why does it not end with a 'y'? What does it do for me? All great questions. And I'll attempt to answer these while, hopefully, keeping it interesting.

Traverie is derived from 'Travel' and 'Reverie'. If you're not an English literature major, reverie is defined as 'A state of being pleasantly lost in one's thoughts; a daydream'. So in essence, Traverie means 'Dreaming of Travel'.

Think about the last time you were at dinner with a friend who just returned from Tuscany and she described to you the farmhouse they stayed in, the rustic medieval towers they climbed, and the heavenly Brunellos they drank from a hilltop overlooking harvesting vineyards. Or perhaps that time over martinis in the neighborhood bar where a buddy was telling you about his adventures in Patagonia where he went hiking on a glacier, went for walks among thousands of flamingos and had the most tender lamb in his life. Listening to those experiences makes you start dreaming of your next travels yet?  

That's the experience we are bringing to you with Traverie!

Think of us as an interactive travel magazine with photos and other content from people you know and trust! Like in the 90s you would order hard copy magazines of Travel+Leisure to help you explore ideas for your next vacation, we are a 2012 version where the content is visual and highly personalized to you. Unlike traditional magazines, guide books and other editorial marketing material, we strive to be a trustworthy source for you where we bring you content from sources you completely trust. We know that 92% of you prefer recommendations from friends rather than reviews from people you don't know, ads or books. 

And its from people you actually know so you ask them questions about specific experiences or friend-source information in an easy organized way.  You don't need to ask "What should I do in Greece?" as a Facebook status update anymore and receive responses such as "I'm jealous!".  You can actually collect information that you are looking for from people who are dying to tell you (P.S remember people travel to tell you their stories!). Also remember the time when you cut out pages from magazines and saved them into a folder? We let you seamlessly collect any photos you find interesting into your own bucket lists. Its that easy!

Have you ever tried finding anything on Facebook lately? For example, what if you wanted to see pictures from all your friend's trips to Tanzania?  How would you possibly do that on Facebook?  We're here to help you with that! We have millions of little elves that dig into all of your friends' pictures and other data on Facebook. After we have found the most relevant information for you, we organize it so you see the places that are relevant to your style, the friends that most travel like you, and photos that are most interesting to you. That's why we ask you for all those permissions when you sign up - so we can do the best job in providing you the best possible experience! Don't worry we are very worried about privacy ourselves, so we make sure your data is locked up in the safe. And yes we will be integrating with Picasa, Flikr, Instagram and others to bring you the best of your photos.  

A couple of questions I often get - but I don't have pictures on Facebook. Its less about your pictures but more about all the pictures your friends have shared that you did not know existed. Almost every user has told us that they found albums and pictures that they had never seen on Facebook.  The other question I get - but my friends are horrible photographers and do they really have that many pictures?  First, you are underestimating your friends - with modern technology even a bad photographers photos look incredible. And I guarantee you'll be shocked at how good some of those pictures are.  With respect to volume, here is something to mull on - You can see my map above.  I have 560 friends currently. They have been to 120 countries, have 3000 albums and 1 million photos just on Facebook! Trust me, you'll have plenty of content!  

We are far from perfect yet (remember the early days of Google?) and we're still in beta, but with your support and feedback we aspire to become your fun, trusted travel source available online and on your mobile devices!  

If you're already a user, continue dreaming. And if you aren't join our journey at!

Happy travels,