Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Our most requested feature is now live!

Have you been to 30 countries and 50 cities?  But your Traverie profile shows that you've only been to 20 countries and 30 cities?  Or worse yet 1 country and 1 city?  Now you can tell the world how awesome a traveler you actually are!  Or just to keep track of it (in a place more fun than Excel or TripAdvisor).

Currently the way we work is that we automatically figure out where you have been based on the content you have shared on Facebook in the past.  When we do that, we may not gather everything because you took a trip before Facebook was invented in 2004 or because are algorithms are not perfect yet (yes, we are constantly iterating on that!).

Today we introduce our most requested feature on Traverie - the ability for you to 'check off' destinations you have been to!  As you browse your friends' photos in our 'dream' mode you may run into destinations that you have been to but it doesn't say so.  You can simply click the 'Been there?' button next to the destination's name (as shown in the screenshot below) to indicate that you've traveled there in the past!

As soon as you do that, your 'map' will now show green checks for all the places you checked off!

Additionally your travel 'profile' will now show an incremented count for cities, countries and/or continents!

So visit Traverie today to let your friends know how many places you have actually been to!  Remember your friends are always seeing your pictures to get travel ideas from your unique experiences.

Happy Travels,